Eurovision 2003


Things in quotes are from Wogan (unless marked)

Starting 49 minutes late due to time needed to acquire beer etc

20:49 <@billy> tatu better not win this. russian pretend lesbans they may be, but this is awful
21:04 <@billy> ebglish entry is on eurovision now
21:04 <@gaspode> how much does it suck?
21:05 <@billy> she's SO out of tune
21:05 <@bob> who told her she could sing
21:05 <@bob> he sound a lot better
21:07 <@bob> an what is gogin on round her bottom
21:07 <@billy> bob: i don;t know, but i thing i like it
21:08 <@Jakob> on a scale of 1 (anne widdecombe) to 10 (kylie), how does it rate?
21:08 <@billy> i don;t knwo...weird things happening around there
21:08 <@bob> quit ehuigh but uit had this odd gold bell thing gogin on
21:09 <@billy> i'm looking on my little badly tuned tv and it was just gold and spangly aroudn her ass
21:09 * bob owrries aboythe ocntroionest
21:09 <@billy> i do that as well
21:09 <@billy> what?
21:10 <@bob> contortoinist
21:10 <@billy> dude
21:10 <@billy> i didn;t see her
21:10 <@billy> shit thats freaky
21:10 <@billy> bob: i thought she was just a ballerins
21:10 <@billy> ooh. key change
21:11 <@gaspode> always key changes
21:12 <@bob> the wine is obvioulsuy just kickin g in for terry
21:12 <@billy> dude. this next one better not breath too deep
21:12 <@billy> bob: handcuffs?
21:12 <@billy> bob: whips?
21:12 <@billy> bob: its absinthe...
21:13 <@bob> althogh if course tight black leatrher biustiers are a good thing
21:13 <@Jakob> is terry off on one then?
21:13 <@billy> Jakob: its eurovision - of course he is
21:13 <@Jakob> hehe
21:13 <@billy> turn to bbc 1. watch. its the law
21:13 <@Jakob> maybe
21:13 <+norfolk> ... but maybe not ...
21:13 <@billy> if you like cleavage yuou will be rewarded for the next few minutes
21:15 <@billy> "she's a man baby, yeah!"
21:16 * bob goes to hunyt beeer
21:16 * billy hunts food
21:16 <@billy> as you can tell its a boring song
21:20 <@billy> "in a tribute to sandy shaw, its seems, she is performing barefoot. there's a hint of the jungle to all of this"
21:20 <@billy> "this girl has very nice eyes"
21:20 <@billy> go terry
21:20 <@gaspode> he's a national institution is our terry
21:21 * pongle decides to watch Patriot Games instead...
21:21 <@pongle> can only stand so much out of tune singing
21:36 <@billy> hmm. estonia's entry is called "that's the 80s coming back"
21:38 <@billy> "they are serving alcohol on the side as well, so everyone is well fuelled. i, of course, am remaining true to the promise i made to my motehr all those years ago..."
21:38 <@billy> go terry
21:41 <@billy> only 2 songs left
21:45 <@billy> last one
21:46 <@billy> "and you may find that she bears a remarkable facial resemblance to toyah wilcox from "i;m a celebrity and can't tell stork from butter"
21:55 <@billy> the chorus for germany's song is "lets be happy, lets be gay, all our troubles will fade away"
21:56 <@billy> hmm mabe turkey will win
21:58 <@billy> now we have the vidoe montage of the music of latvia
21:58 * billy goes to check the oven and find more beverage
22:03 <@billy> "thats a good one, maybe we should try it on the last night of the proms - the old parrot on the pianists shoulder trick"
22:03 <@cub> We're all voting for Austria :) That's the guy with the rabbits.
22:05 <@billy> "the cusatrd yellow suit is gone, a merciful release"
22:07 <@billy> "from next year there will be 2 eurovision song contests" "what?" "is it me?" "you're trying to kill the thing stone dead. 2 eurovisions? no sarah, no!"
22:09 <@billy> the austrians doing well
22:11 <@cub> Really? How are their points looking?
22:11 <@billy> after one country they have 10
22:11 <@billy> but austria is the second country voting...
22:11 <@billy> iceland were first and voted 12 points for...surpise surprise...norway
22:11 * gaspode waits for Greece and Turkey to anti-vote each other :)
22:13 <@billy> "haha! the lunatic fringe still lives in ireland" after 10 points for belgium
22:14 <@billy> turkey gave greece 5 points
22:15 <@billy> uk is on nil points still
22:15 <@bob> th eproblem with televotes
22:16 <@gaspode> bring back the juries!
22:16 <@billy> much more political voting
22:16 <@gaspode> it was more fun when all the votes were blatantly political :)
22:16 <@billy> much more fun
22:17 <@billy> the bosnian girls eyes are scary
22:18 <@billy> YAY the bosnian girl screwwed up her results
22:19 <@billy> "i;m sorry" "thats okay your fired"
22:22 <@billy> cub: austria are 4th
22:22 <@gaspode> # bunnies! bunnies! it must be bunnies!
22:22 <@billy> "i think the uk is suffering from what i like to call 'post iraqi backlash"
22:24 <@billy> cyprus time
22:26 <@billy> gaspode: cyprus gave 8 points to turkey, 12 to greece
22:26 <@gaspode> ah, status quo then :)
22:27 <@billy> the cypriot guy acknowledged the turkey vote with a big grin and waved vistory signs
22:27 * cub cheers at billy
22:27 * cub goes back to watching voting
22:27 -!- cub is now known as cub|voting
22:27 <@billy> uk still on nil points
22:28 <@gaspode> good
22:28 <@gaspode> we're meant to lose :)
22:28 <@billy> "the bellybutton's still in the lead"
22:29 <@gaspode> I almost wish I was watching it :)
22:29 <@billy> its so bad...its great
22:29 <@billy> "excuse me my dear, is that an astronaut on your chest? of course not. it would be a cosmonaut"
22:36 <@billy> "the dutch voters are traditionally as mad as a bucket of frogs"
22:39 <@billy> 8 poijts from the uk for austria
22:41 <@cub|voting> Austria really deserves to win. It takes genius to think up lyrics like that.
22:43 <@billy> greece gave cyprus 12 points
22:43 <@billy> terry wogan is aghast
22:43 <@ljpk> billy: s/aghast/unsurprised
22:44 <@billy> he sounded *so* serious ;)
22:44 <@billy> he actually did sound surprised...
22:44 * ljpk slaps wogan - of course they vote for each other
22:44 * ljpk thinks that the UK should compete as 4 countries
22:45 <@ljpk> and in the shock vote of the night, Wales has given 12 points to Scotland
22:45 <@billy> wow. norway gave iceland 12 points. that was surprising
22:47 <@billy> and 12 points from france to belgium. wow
22:47 * ljpk thinks that andorra should enter
22:47 <@ljpk> and liechtenstein
22:47 <@ljpk> and the channel islands, individually
22:47 <@ljpk> the results of the herm jury are ...
22:48 <@billy> its not jury - its all televote
22:48 <@billy> i think there might be 25 permananent herm residents...
22:48 <@ljpk> the Sark vote has been on a knife-edge
22:48 <@billy> the vatican could enter and the pope could sing
22:49 <@billy> "you know sometimes i think i must have been at a different contest"
22:50 <@billy> terry laughs evilly in preparation for the latvian vote
22:50 <@ljpk> san marino has given 12 points to Italy
22:50 <@ljpk> and 10 points to the Vatican
22:50 <@billy> the vatican have given 12 points to the vatican, and we're not arguing with the pope
22:50 <@ljpk> he is infallible, after all
22:55 <@billy> the uk is the only country with no points atm
22:58 <@bob> oooh dowbto the last country
23:01 <@billy> turkey have won.
23:01 <@billy> on the last country
23:02 <@billy> "at last we'll be away from the baltic and have some sun. a sunshine holiday! thankyou thankyou"
23:02 <@billy> "i told ya, the old belly button wins every time"
23:04 <@billy> "riga - a fantastic place! many excellent restaurants, and all very cheap"